Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Youth of Today

I was so depressed yesterday, I felt like the weight of a 35 ton lorry was about to crash on me. I honestly did. I felt like I was dead inside. Everything just felt wrong. Fortunately for me, the existance of my friends pretty much changed my mood from fucked up to awesome as hell. Hung out with great people yesterday and practically made a fool out of ourselves. If you were an outsider and witnessed the crazy shit we were doing, you would probably just shake your head and think we are just a bunch of low life kids but if you were a part of it, only then you would know how it feels. To be able to laugh that much just by doing silly legal stuff and enjoying ourselves made me wish like I could just pause at that moment and look at my friends' faces, just capture their expressions. Oh how happy we were. 

Monday, May 14, 2012


I can't explain this feeling,
I think about it every day.

Hands Down

Alayna sat perfectly still on her bed covered with a dark red blanket, her legs crossed, focused on the pile of assignments that needed to be done. Her eyes were glued, fixated on the screen of her laptop with Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional blasting from her speakers when her boyfriend snuck up and quickly gave her a tight hug before she could refuse. Ryan pecked Alayna on the cheek and whispered the three words she could never get bored of hearing. Alayna's skin tingled as her boyfriend's nose nuzzled against her ear. How could she possibly be interested in doing her assignments when her boyfriend was giving her the goosebumps? She thought to herself. Before she could change her mind, Alayna pushed her laptop away and laid beside Ryan, hugging him with all her might. All the butterflies in the world could never describe what she feels when she is around him. "I wish I could pause this moment, right now and just stay like this forever" was all she said. Ryan stroked Alayna's deep brunette hair and kissed her forehead. He kind of wished for the same thing too.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Alive and Awakened

I can feel myself, somewhat, slipping away. I see myself from afar, out of reach. I would rather not ask why or ponder on the questions any longer, regrets won't do any good either. What is done, is done. If only..But I didn't know back then, did I? Life goes on. Its not the past that matters, it what you do for your future.

Breathe Slowly

Life has been fairly good to me for the past few weeks, alhamdulillah. Well except for that one Wednesday night when some people were playing cat and mouse on the highway and things turned out shitty after that, but hey if it wasn't for the accident, I wouldn't have met my brother's great friends. To be honest, college is super tiring and I know you may think that we, communication students don't have that much of work to get done but nevertheless, the assignments still occupy pretty much most of our time. 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Believe Me

How do I let a you know that I no longer want part in this anymore? How do I convince you that this time its for real? That I give up, that I have no intention on continuing this, that I don't wany anything to do with you anymore. Its not a game, it never was. Believe me when I said we're done.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Once and For All

These days I finally realised whats reality.
Whats real, what I have been avoiding these past few months.
My feelings, my state of mind.
I was in denial.