Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rod Pires

Little Did You Know

How could anyone possibly get tired of falling in love? Sure we know how it works. You fall in love, you get attached, you get your heart broken. But being around the person you love, just lying there on the ground staring at the stars, feeling so infinite and content with your life, is worth it, no? What on earth is better than feeling secure about yourself, knowing that you are worth being loved by another human being? 

"Seeing you felt like I was finally back home because these days, I don't even know what home is anymore"

Thursday, April 12, 2012


People these days would take hate to a whole new level, hating a person to the extend that they would ruin their lives. Naming every flaw they could see, making them feel more insecure than they already were. Don't you ever think what its like to be in their shoes? Going home everyday, lying on their bed and hating themselves for the way they look. Asking God, what have they done to deserve this, why werent they born with better looking features, carving scars on their faces, hating what they see in the mirror. Its what words do, really. What can you possibly earn by making someone feel so horrible about themselves?

A Whole New World

They say people tend to change after they enter college and I believe this statement is true. Your mind changes, you have goals and being in a conversation with a bunch of people that understands, that wants the same things as you do really excites me. You start to realise that you have wasted pretty much most of your teenage years and all you want to do is change, grow up and achieve everything you have been dreaming of. Dreams no longer become just dreams, they become your target, your goal. 

Its been only my third day in college and I cannot express how new this is to me. It is so different compared to highschool, everyone is there for a reason. Well, most of us anyway. Taylors Lakeside is beautiful, I cannot get over the fact how amazed I am at the campus's beauty especially during the evening. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Somebody I Used To Know

All I see is disgust and hatred whenever I look at you, nothing else. That anger you have in you destroyed everything, that sick monster living inside of you, that split identity you have. It killed everything. It ruined everything. It amazes me every time how you could call me the worst things and apologize five seconds after that. Don't you have sense in you? Or even the least bit of self control? I have lost count of how many times I wish I could just punch you in the fucking face or stab you with a knife but I would rather keep those dark thoughts to myself. Last night drew the line, how you told me to fucking leave when I was at my worst, how you told me I embarassed you when I was at my lowest point. Trust me bitch, this time I'll make sure karma gives you what you deserve.