Saturday, October 27, 2012


Change is bound to happen, even when you tell yourself you would never. It's inevitable. You grow up, your looks change, your personality changes, your music preferences change, your mind changes and things just don't stay the same. Nothing ever stays the same. So why bother get all moody and depressed when things change? I, myself realize that some things in my life need to change. I do realise. So before you read my tweets, see my facebook statuses or photos, see me walking on the streets, in university, or wherever or whatever, and say something along the lines of "she changed so much", stop and realise that I know it too, I look in the mirror too, I think about it too, it's not that I don't realize, I do but it's either I'm strong enough to go through these changes, now that is the question. Because at the moment, I'm trying. So please, give me a break.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stick To Nature

Today, I'm gon talk about drugs. Yes kids, d-r-u-g-s. Drug abuse to be exact. I guess marijuana is pretty common to our generation these days, its either you smoke it or you've tried it before. Its either you like it or you don't. The side effects of marijuana are pretty much the pot in your lungs, you get super hungry (munchies!) hallucination (that's the whole point of smoking it, no?) and have really ugly photos but nope, no major ones. That's probably why mj is legal in Netherlands.

Popping pills however is a favourite to most people during parties, events, raves but once you pop too many or mix with other substances, that's when things can go really bad. I've never heard of people dying cause of smoking too much weed (I said weed not cigarettes) but I've heard of people dying at raves due to popping pills. I've never tried and I don't intend to, I know it seems like an awesome idea when the music's good, the crowd is good, but seriously, just be careful  I won't tell you not to do it, I mean why the hell would you listen to me anyway? All I know is that I wouldn't want to die at a party where everyone gets shocked for 5 seconds after seeing me collapse and then continue dancing to the music. Cause that would suck. 

Never, ever, try crystal meth. Yeah sure you get to lose a lot of weight if looking like a skeleton is your thing but have you seen the videos or actually read the side effects? Your face gets fucked up, your teeth gets fucked up, your brain gets fucked up, so what good does it do to you? Nothin. The high's good for a day or two and then it fucks your mood like a perky psycho obsessive girlfriend and nobody likes a psycho girlfriend, now do they? 

Conclusion is, stick to nature. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Love Like Honey

Hey everyone! Its been exactly 2 weeks since my last post, I've been caught up with university and other things. Second semester is super hectic, subjects are tougher and lecturers aren't as fun. I've got to start concentrating in class though, my concentration suck big time these days. I've been really active on Tumblr though, check out my blog, follow me ask me questions whatever! Anyway I've been neglecting gym nowadays and been told by a few people that I've gained weight, da da da so going back to gym next week! 

On a different note, my friends and I went to this rave festival on the 12th of October in Sepang to hear David Guetta and Alesso spin live. It was super effing awesome, I swear. 20,000 people, all came from different countries, I could spot a number of flags. France, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Spain, UK and some others I couldn't identify. It was epic, enough said.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Playhouse

I'm blogging in a hotel room, a presidential suite to be exact that my friend got us for a night. Everyone left and she's asleep on the bed, since I have absolutely nothing to do I figured why not post something? I had a great night. Chilled with some friends in this sick room that has an awesome living room, awesome bar, awesome bathrooms, awesome bedroom and awesome awesome balcony. So that pretty much sums it up, this place is sick. There I was sitting on the comfy ass couch with my friends, playing some good electro house and hip hop music in the living room while rnb was played in the bedroom. Having a good time. I went out to the balcony for a smoke, sat on the floor and my best friend came to sit next to me. It was just like in Redang Island, the two of us, we both stared at the starless sky, talking about the most random things with good music blasting through the window, good company, good weather and I felt truly, content with my life. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy 18th Birthday Alisya!

No exact word could describe how perfect my 18th birthday was. It started with me going early to college and since I had plenty of time to kill, Danielle Varment Irfan and I decided to go to a friend's place, Trevor. We just hung out, chilled and was pretty much lost in our own world when after what seemed like an hour, my friends came in the room with coloured balloons, cupcakes and a camera, singing "happy birthday" I honestly didn't see that one coming! It was perfect. After we headed back to college, more hugs were exchanged, birthday songs were sang in restaurants and class, gifts were given. It was amazing.

Monday, October 1, 2012

18 and Legal.

And its that time of the year again, where I get a year older. But hey, guess what? I'm finally legal ;)