Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wasted Youth

One thing I realise is that adults, parents, teachers, whatever, when they want us to open up and they say they'll try to understand, they don't. They compare their lives to us, but that's exactly it. We don't want to be compared, we want you to listen. We know the mistakes we've done, we're fully aware of what we've done, or else why would we be shutting ourselves from the world, from letting people in, because we don't want to be reminded of the scars and the flaws. All we want is for you to listen. Time flies, things change, generations change, so that you have to understand. Yes maybe we are weak, we can't hold ourselves back from temptation, from peer pressure but we're not gullible. We know exactly what we're doing, what we don't know is the consequences, what we don't think of is the effect it brings. But that's exactly it, we want this, we want to get hurt, we want excitement or else why would there be roller coaster rides, why would there be such thing as bungee jumping, or sky diving, its because of the excitement. This may sound stupid, but we are just a bunch of confused teenagers, trying our best to live our lives. And all you can do parents, is be there for us, try your best to understand, hold us when we fall, pull us when its too much but never hold us back.

Because then, how would we ever know?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We'll Be Makin Love

I recently saw a photo uploaded on Facebook (yes, I still use Facebook) of a kid doing graffiti art on some wall. Call it vandalism all you want but I personally think it's genius. It isn't the fact that the art alone is sick, but how many people can you actually find that still does graffiti art these days? Talents are dying. Everyone is just so focused on having wild parties, sleeping around, getting high to the point that the real world is slipping away. If you have talent, embrace it, explore it, in whatever sickest way you can ever come up with. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

D-I-Y #1 Denim Vest Hoodie

I've been wanting a sweater like this for ages and since I couldn't find one anywhere I decided to make one. Well to be honest, my sister did the cutting and sewing and well pretty much the whole I owe it all to her, really. 

All you need is :

1) A denim jacket/denim vest
2) A sweater of your choice
3) Scissors
4) Thread
5) Needle
6) Patience


1) First off, lay out the stuff on the floor or wherever you're comfortable. Hehe. Start by cutting the sleeves of the denim jacket, unless you already have a denim vest then this step is not necessary.

2) After cutting the sleeves, cut the sleeves off your sweater, make sure its longer than your wrist bone.

3) Sew it to the denim vest.

4) Cut the hoodie of the sweater.

5) Sew it to the inner part of the denim vest so it overlaps the collar.


It's pretty simple but sewing the hoodie can be quite difficult but it depends on how thick your hoodie is. You kind of want it to be thick, so it doesn't end up looking flat on your vest. Hope this helps!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Fuken Sex

A cover done of Dive In originally by Trey Songz.

Let Me Hold Yuh

People may perceive that I have changed and I believe I have too. Unfortunately, the definition of change varies from one person to another. It could mean that hey she's better now or the total exact opposite but to be honest, I couldn't care less because fact is, I am happy. Not just happy like "oh I just bought nice shoes..I'm happy happy" but finally happy with the way things are, with whatever that's going on in my life. Don't you ever wonder what it feels like to be this way? When you watch movies and you see how they recap all the best moments with some cheesy background music and you sorta feel this content feeling? Yeah I feel that, all the damn time and do you know how great that is? It's amazing. 

Job Vacancies

My final examinations ended just about three days ago which means I'm halfway done with my foundation. I have three weeks off college and googling for job vacancies seem like a pretty normal thing to do right now. So if anyone has any job openings, please do email me at 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Child

These days, it feels like being unhappy seems just so impossible. I've been caught smiling to myself a lot lately. Probably because I have the most understanding family any girl could ever ask for, the best friends that pretty much make every day super interesting and then there's this new friend that manages to make me giggle like a 13 year old. No exact word, not even content, can describe this superb feeling. Overwhelming joy, maybe? Haha I, myself, do not know but one thing is for sure, I hope I could stay this way forever. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Green Light Means Go

Encountered in a near death experience last night where Joo Minn, Samantha and I almost died after running into a car driven by a drunk. Joo Minn was driving, I was sitting at the passenger seat and Samantha was at the back. It happened so fast, all I remember was looking down at the radio to change the song that was playing and I heard Joo Minn mumble something like "What's wrong with this fucking car?" and bam, everything blacked out. I don't think I passed out but I remember staying really still cause I couldn't register what just happened, I remember my ears were ringing, I remember the smell of the fumes, and the smoke, the fire, I remember running out of the car, gripping my laptop, I remember how I could feel my whole body ache and I was just hugging myself, I remember my glasses weren't with me and I couldn't see shit. It happened in less than 10 seconds and the other driver happened to be a materialistic bitch which makes things even worst. No one was badly injured, we just had slight bruises and my fingers still hurt. Oh thank god no one died.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just Right Now

I can't seem to get over the fact how amazing life is right now. Never once have I felt this content, this feeling where you look forward to go to college, where you look forward to go home and wake up in such a good mood that everyone wonders what the hell is going on with you. Maybe its the fact that my friends and I make the most of every second we have. We don't bitch, we don't gossip, we don't waste time but instead we talk about the most illogical things you could ever imagine. If I had a video camera to record the special moments in my life, it would be everyday.