Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Why does it matter when  you are in a big circle of friends yet find yourself missing out on an inside joke. Why does it matter when you go through Facebook and find yourself staring at photos of a party your friends went that you didn't even know about. Why does it matter when you're there yet you feel like you aren't. Why does it even matter?

A question I ask myself every day. Why does it matter so much to fit in because if it doesn't then for fucks sake, why am I repeating the same mistake every goddamn year, the same people I pick, the same fucking pattern, why do I keep doing this to myself. Why does it matter what fucking size you are, or how you fucking look, why am I so fucking superficial, is a question I ask myself over and over again. According to Einstein, I am considered insane for expecting a different outcome when I repeat the same shit over and over again. 

We are all a fucking load of bullshit anyway.

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